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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! - the best quotes, including Jedward's cameo


Ryan Newman as Claudia Shepard, left, and Jack Griffo as Billy appear in a scene from "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Ryan Newman as Claudia Shepard, left, and Jack Griffo as Billy appear in a scene from "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Ryan Newman as Claudia Shepard, left, and Jack Griffo as Billy appear in a scene from "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!"

Siobhan Palmer picks the best/worst quotes from Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! ***WARNING - SPOILERS***

 "I feel for the sharks, but they’re wrecking our schools, our hospitals, our roads"

The Vice President, when asked to comment after publicly awarding Fin (Ian Ziering) the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


"Say Sharknado!"

I’ll never do a selfie any other way ever again.


"These sharks, they have a scent, and it’s not a pretty one"

Fin stands with the President as ominous dark clouds and weather systems gather over Washington DC. You know how animals can smell when there’s a storm coming? Well, so does Fin, and he can sniff a Sharknado brewing over the White House in his sleep.


"Nobody attacks my house"

The President, as a barrage of sharks crash through the White House.


"That’s my dad, ruler of the universe, saviour of mankind, with his almighty chainsaw."

Proud daughter Claudia (Ryan Newman) on being asked by an Orlando theme park representative if her dad is Fin Shepard. And probably what Jesus would have said if the Bible had been more like Sharknado …

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"We’re the crazy chick with post-traumatic shark disorder, my abnormally genius best friend, and a man with a chainsaw. No one else can get the job done like we can."

Nova (Cassie Scerbo), as she introduces Fin to her and Lucas (Frankie Muniz)’s defence truck, designed to withstand and attack Sharknados.

That’s how you mount an attack on a wall of Sharknados.


"You know you can find some pretty amazing things in a shark’s gut. Licence plates, sneakers, mini trampolines”

A biology lesson from Lucas (Frankie Muniz)


"It could be worse – it could be zombies"

Lucas, in response to an army general’s resigned lament of "I hate Sharknados". Is this paving the way for SharkZombienado 4?


"It’s too late. We can’t save him"

Fin after Lucas (Frankie Muniz) has crawled on top of the tank, had both arms and legs ripped off by sharks and detonated a self-destruct button with his head, engulfing the structure, himself, and hefty number of sharks in an explosive fireball.


"Sorry, I haven’t seen her."

Ok, so this phrase isn’t the most ridiculous in and of itself, but it’s said by one half of Irish sparkle-twins Jedward, which is certainly a novelty. Whether it’s John or Edward, I’m not sure. The twins are about to go on a ride in Orlando when a Sharknado hits.


“Sharks! In! Space!”

Former astronaut Gilbert Shepard (David Hasselhoff), in a space suit, clinging to the side of a satellite, telling it like it is.


Watch Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! tonight July 23 at 10pm on Syfy UK.

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