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'Role in Jack Reynor's film made me understand the Famine', says Will Poulter


Jack Reynor pictured with Actor Will Poulter

Jack Reynor pictured with Actor Will Poulter

Jack Reynor pictured with Actor Will Poulter

Actor Will Poulter has said he hopes his role in Jack Reynor's directorial debut helps people in the UK gain a "better understanding" of the Great Famine.

Poulter plays an Irish farmer who encounters a ghost on his farm in Bainne (Milk), Reynor's short film set six years into the crisis in 1851.

The British star, who mastered lines of dialogue as Gaeilge for the film, admitted he had to educate himself on that dark era of Irish history before the cameras began rolling.

"I was immensely flattered that Jack reached out to me and asked, especially because I'm British and I'm embarrassed to say that back home our knowledge of the history of Ireland and Britain's sort of hand in the Famine is very, very poor," he said.

"So in preparing for this role I was gifted with an education that I wasn't given in school and almost certainly should have been."

Bainne marks Irish star Reynor's first foray into directing and was one he thoroughly enjoyed, although the star (28) is not abandoning acting just yet.

"If I had my way I would spend the majority of my time directing, but it's difficult as it's hard to get anything made," he told the Herald.

"I've plenty more stories to tell as an actor as well."

Bainne is the fourth time Reynor and Poulter have worked together, first starring opposite each other in Glassland before appearing in Detroit in 2017 and Ari Aster's unsettling horror Midsommar last year.

Poulter admitted he initially had reservations about Reynor's plans to direct.

However, he said his nerves proved to be unfounded as "the way he took to directing was so impressive".