Wednesday 21 August 2019

New Irish Amy Winehouse film is 'showbiz B.S.', says tragic star's dad

Amy Winehouse and her father Mitch.
Amy Winehouse and her father Mitch.
ACCLAIMED IN AMERICA: But scorned by the British media, Kirsten Sheridan. Photo: David Conachy

The father of the late Amy Winehouse has described a new Irish-made movie about his late daughter as the "usual showbiz B S".

Oscar-nominated director Kirsten Sheridan is behind the making of the biopic of the Rehab singer and has also written the script. Mooted to be taking on the lead role is the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace.

But Amy's late dad seems less than impressed with the news. He posted on his Twitter account saying: "I don't know anything about this biopic. I don't know who actress is. Usual showbiz B S."


Amy Winehouse and her father Mitch.

The new movie follows on the heels of the contentious documentary about the London-born star which was made by director Asif Kapadia.

Confirming the news of the biopic to the Herald, Dublin production company Subotica Films declined to comment further when asked about Mitch Winehouse's online comments.

It's understood to still be in the pre-production stages. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at her London home in July 2011.

Negotiations are currently taking place for the music rights for the film, which will be looking to repeat the box office success of this year's documentary about Winehouse, Amy.

Speaking to Variety magazine, the daughter of Jim Sheridan spoke about her admiration for Winehouse's music.

"Amy's music is felt so deeply by the audience because it was deeply personal. Her vulnerability was her strength," said Kirsten.

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