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'Michael Fassbender's my hero' - Jack Reynor gushes about Macbeth co-star


Jack Reynor idolises '12 Years a Slave' star Michael Fassbender.

The two actors are starring alongside each other in upcoming Shakespearian tale Macbeth, which tells a story of ambition, power, insanity and murder.

Michael takes on the title role and Jack can't help but gush about the star's charms, making no attempt to hide his admiration for the 12 Years a Slave actor.

"Michael Fassbender's my hero dude. I love that guy so much!" Jack enthused to Total Film magazine.

The pair are joined by David Thewlis, Paddy Considine and Marion Cotillard who portrays Lady Macbeth.

The play is set in Scotland, so a lot of the movie was filmed on location in the country to make sure the backdrop was authentic.

"I had a scene with Sean Harris and he is incredibly, incredibly focused. I'm playing Malcolm in the film - I had to communicate to him that his wife and his kids have been murdered.

"I'm standing with my sword and armour, Sean's standing in front of me, and the wind is howling around us... It was so intense, so amazing. People aren't going to believe that there's no CGI in that film. The scenery is just breathtaking," Jack marvelled.

The 22-year-old actor has a busy few months ahead of him, with three films due out before the end of the year.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is released later this month, with Jack again taking a shining to his co-star. This time Mark Wahlberg got Jack's undivided attention.

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"It was great!" Jack said of working with Mark. "He's very focused on what he does, he's a force of nature."

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