Wednesday 18 September 2019

‘Like a joyless po-faced Moonraker’ - Public not quite loving SPECTRE as much as critics

Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘Spectre’. Photos: MGM
Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘Spectre’. Photos: MGM
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The new Bond outing, Spectre, may have earned a plethora of 4* reviews from critics, and broken UK box office records, but some fans are not impressed.

Daniel Craig's fourth outing as Bond has beaten Skyfall's £6.2m first day in 2012 with a £6.3m opening day gross.

Chatter on Twitter revolves mainly around fans' excitement to go and see the movie, and many emerge satisfied with declarations of "Spectre is sooooo good" and the likes.

However, there are just as many expressing their disappointment with the movie, which also stars Christoph Waltz, Monica Belluci, and Lea Seydoux, as well as Ben Whishaw, Andrew Scott and Naomi Harris.

Meanwhile on Reddit, fans have congregated to share their reviews, with many falling short of the critics' average of four stars.

DorsalAxe wrote, "Not a classic. In fact, it's pretty weak for the most part. Shoddy dialogue, plot threads that amount to nothing, an extremely contrived attempt to link all previous Craig films together, the most unexciting car chase sequence ever and very little build up towards key moments in the film."

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BroadCloak added, "I was pretty disappointed with this, it's fun in places, but overall it's pretty messy. I thought [the villain] was really badly handled.

"Waltz was great, but we only see him once until the final act. There's never a sense that he's the man behind the scenes, or any real threat. And the attempt to show him as the real bad guy for the last few movies is weak: it's basically just him saying 'No, no, that was me all along.'"

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Another contributor, Bigassbird, said she enjoyed it but "there was too much suspension of disbelief from the moment the title sequence ended. Up till that point it was fantastic.

"I really think they decided to make a trainspotter's Bond. Every single scene had something harking back to another Bond film. Dialogue, props, motivation, action, places.

"Most everything can be linked to a previous Bond movie. I know that was somehow the point to link Craig's outings together but it suffered."

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Here's some of the reaction on Twitter.  Be warned, some fans don't mince their words!

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