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Jamie Dornan gets ready for '50 Shades' frenzy


Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades of Grey
Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades of Grey
Jamie Dornan is so hot in Hollywood right now he can drunk tweet a single word and everyone laps it up

Orla Healy

Jamie Dornan is so hot in Hollywood right now he can drunk tweet a single word and everyone laps it up. In fairness, the guy is probably so fed up being asked to talk about sex in the relentless promotion for 50 Shades of Grey you can't blame him for trying to change the conversation - even if he does come off sounding like a stereotypical Irish boozer.

In an interview for the cover story of last week's Variety, Dornan talked about how, in Ireland over Christmas, he got so smashed on vodka shots, "I woke up the next day and [saw] I'd tweeted the word 'Christmas,' at around 1 in the morning. I don't know if I'd planned on saying more - like 'Christmas is a time of reflection.' It made me wish I didn't know my Twitter password." The 10,000 fans who responded to that particular tweet obviously don't feel the same way.

Dornan, who is bracing himself for the fan fallout when the film premieres on February 13, also revealed how his new friends are helping him prepare for the inevitable frenzy. While he gets points for name-dropping Twilight hottie Rob Pattinson as one of his crew, his boast falls a bit flat when he is forced to admit, "I don't remember what we talked about the last time I saw him - I think we just got drunk."

Dornan sounds seriosuly sober when asked which part of the erotic film, which he watched in rough cut for the first time last month, he dreads people watching. "For all the reasons anyone would think, most people would like to keep their sex face private," he says. "The idea of a million people seeing that! I hope it happens quite fast."

Whoever gave Dornan that million figure low-balled the numbers. Advance ticket sales for the film have already shattered records with US box office broker Fandango and predictions now suggest the $40m production will take in $60m over its first weekend. Might be time for Dornan to retire that Twitter account.

Flotus suits up for business

Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman at the centre of a gossipy guessing game in Washington. Michelle Obama reignited speculation about her post-White House options when she chose to wear a Michael Kors suit to Tuesday night's State of the Union address. The distinctive salt and pepper tweed skirt and matching jacket with an industrial-sized silver zip and origami collar looked ordinary enough until fashion kreminologists pointed out it was exactly the same suit recently sported by the character Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife.

The strange choice, which predictibly resulted in a slew of catty side-by-side Who Wore It Better photo comparisons, was dismissed by some as a coincidence. Others, clued in enough to know that the First Lady would have consulted Kors to eliminate the skirt's original thigh-high slit, believe Flotus - who regularly lets her clothes do the talking - might have been dropping hints that her future career plans will mirror those of Florrick who is, after all, a lawyer turned political spouse turned Chicago State's Attorney candidate.


Princess Charming

THE image rehab of Anne Hathaway continues. In her latest charm offensive, the Princess Diaries star answered a mundane question about her beauty routine with a sweet salute to her Interstellar co-star Jessica Chastain.

The two, both nominated for the 2013 Oscars, were seated together at a lunch the Thursday before the awards and Hathaway said, "I asked her: 'So what's the first thing you're gonna eat Monday?'' And she said, 'What do you mean?'" I said, 'Monday when we can eat again - what's the first thing you're going to eat?...And she goes, 'Oh, yeah. I don't do that!'," Hathaway said, referring to the starvation diet most actresses adopt during awards season. "So, my beauty routine is to be more like Jessica Chastain. She doesn't worry about it. She just shows up, and is who she is."

Hathaway can afford to be generous. She just landed a plum role in George Brant's new play Grounded, which is being hailed as the theatrical event of the spring season. The 70-minute monologue about a fighter pilot who is reassigned to operate drone strikes after getting pregnant will be directed by multiple Tony-winner Julie Taymor at New York's Public Theatre. And yes, given that her character is pregnant, Hathaway will be able to eat whatever she wants.

Moore, Moore, Moore

Candice Bergen didn't pull any punches on Tuesday night when she delivered the keynote speech in a tribute to Julianne Moore, who is widely expected to pick up a Best Actress Oscar for her performance as a linguistics professor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's in Still Alice.

"I haven't seen Still Alice because at 68 years old it's just too close," the Murphy Brown star told a roomful of Moore's family and friends that included Ellen Barkin, Ethan Hawke, Helena Christensen and Dylan Lauren.

Moore, who has already scored two victories (a Golden Globe and the Critics' Choice Award) over Oscar rivals Reese Witherspoon and Marion Cotillard was characteristically humble when, after hours of accolades, she eventually got the chance to speak. "When I received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year, I made a lot of jokes to my family about how I don't need a tombstone," she said. "Now I feel like I don't need a memorial service either."

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