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Irish director cashes in life insurance policy to fund short film narrated by John Hurt


Ayamé by Conor Maloney

Ayamé by Conor Maloney


Funding film projects in the current climate is a particularly tough task, but one Irish director's determination pushed him to great lengths to raise funds for his new short.

Conor Maloney, best known for his commerical and music video work, was happy to cash in a life insurance policy in order to bring his vision for sci-fi short Ayamé to life.

Ayamé is a new Proof of Concept, which is essentially a prologue for a science-fiction film.

“The initial idea was far too big to take on so we decided to concentrate on just the prologue, to act as an introduction to the world of Ayamé,” says Conor.

“Hopefully the future for Ayamé is to be able to elaborate more on the world and take it from being the small segment that it is to hopefully a feature film.”

Legendary British actor John Hurt provides the voiceover for the 5 minute film, which Conor hopes to develop into a full length feature.

The film charts a military operation which turns to the stars to relocate the entire human race in the face of an impending disaster.

During the exodus one man is sent to rescue his former comrade after she mysteriously disappears while executing a covert operation off world.

Conor was not the only individual volunteering time and services on the project.  Windmill Lane Studios also came on board to provide the visual effects and grading.

The short was filmed over three days with cinematographer Piers McGrail at the helm.

Watch the film here, and scroll down for behind-the scenes:

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