Sunday 15 December 2019

Irish brothers make movie with €8,500 micro budget raised through crowdfunding

Ciara Donnelly and Stephen O'Riordan in 'The Girl at the End of the World'
Ciara Donnelly and Stephen O'Riordan in 'The Girl at the End of the World'

Two Irish brothers from Wexford have completed their second feature length film having raised a mirco budget of €8,500 through crowdfunding.

Dave (32) and Karl McGlone (24), based in Wexford, are releasing The Girl at the End of the World online today, having shot the film over the course of just one week.

The plots follows the fortunes of a Dublin-based guy (Stephen O'Riordan) and LA-based girl (Camilla Jackson) who fall in love online but whose plans to meet are scuppered by a meteor that hits Earth and destroys all communication systems.

It’s an ambitious premise for such a tiny budget, but writer/director Dave is not fazed; the brothers’ debut feature,  All Or Nothing (not to be confused with Mike Leigh’s film of the same name), was filmed in just one day with a budget of just €500.

Camilla Jackson in 'The Girl at the End of the World'
Camilla Jackson in 'The Girl at the End of the World'

Dave believes  small budgets encourage a focus on character and creativity.

“My philosophy on it is if you know, when you’re writing, that you’re not going to have a huge budget, you get creative with your characters and instead of doing a car chase you have a bike chase, or a foot chase,” he says.

“It brings out a big more creativity in the writer director.  I watch a lot of micro budget movies myself and story wise you always end up coming out more satisfied than with big budget movies.”

Whilst Karl trained in sound engineering and recording at Pulse College in Dublin, and Dave has been writing since school, their technical knowledge has all been garnered on the job.

Dave and Karl McGlone
Dave and Karl McGlone

“What I like to say is I went to the same film school as Quentin Tarantino; I used to work in a video shop,” laughs Dave.

“Technically I have no training but it was kind of the case that I had wanted to do it for so long, my dream job was to be a movie director, but I had no clue how to get started so I just said, ‘Let’s buy a camera, microphones, write a script and do it.’”

Of filming The Girl at the End of the World between Dublin and California, he adds, “There were times when I thought are we crazy even trying this?  But we somehow managed to get it done”. 

Dave and Karl have just set up a production company, Soldier Monkey Productions, in Wexford, and are currently developing further film and TV projects.

“Every day we’re waking up and thinking where are the sales coming from and who are we meeting to improve our careers or position in the industry?” reveals Dave.

“We’ve previously done it as amateurs or for fun and now it has to pay the bills.  It’s very daunting, and it’s a big step but at the same time if we didn’t take it we’d be sitting there daunted at the idea of not taking it.”

The Girl at the End of the World is available to watch at

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