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Irish animated film about a drunk could be heading for Oscar glory



AN Irish animation could be heading for Oscar glory after being nominated for Best Animated Short.

Coda, directed by Alan Holly, has made it down to the final ten in the running for the award.

The film, which is hand-drawn, lasts just nine minutes.

It tells the story of a man who stumbles drunkenly through the city before death finds him, with voices provided by Brian Gleeson and Orla Fitzgerald.

The film has been generating Oscar budge as it picked up awards at festivals around the globe.

It won Best in Show at the SXSW Festival in Texas and the Audience Choice Award at the Deoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival.


The project to two years to complete and was funded by RTE, The Irish Film Board and the Arts Council.

Alan Holly said: “In many ways Coda is quite an Irish story, and yet there are also a lot of very universal elements to the film as well, which I think international audiences really relate to.

“And then of course there are parts that are quite personal to me too, so yes, I really happy to see the film take off internationally.”

He will now have to wait until January when the final nominees for the gong are announced.

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