Thursday 19 September 2019

‘If you’ve ever had a manager at work that’s frustrated you, this is the film for you’ – Alan Mulligan, director of The Limit Of

The Limit Of
The Limit Of

Mayo director Alan Mulligan’s debut feature, The Limit Of, set in the world of Irish banking and set against the backdrop of the recession, releases today.

It charts one man’s efforts to set things right when the greed of the institution he works for leads to a family tragedy.

“It’s about a disconnected banker, James Allen [Laurence O’Fuarain], who suffers a family tragedy and goes rogue,” explains Mulligan.

O’Fuarain, who will be familiar to many from roles in Black 47 and Vikings, describes it as being about two disgruntled people that find themselves working for an institution that doesn’t really care about people.”

The other person he is referring to is James’ co-worker Alison, who has her own agenda.  Sarah Carroll was nominated for an IFTA for Best Actress last year for her performance in the role, something she says was “a total shocker”.

“My best friend rang me -I didn’t even check that morning what the nominations were – so yeah, she rang me, ‘oh my God, amazing, congratulations!’ and it took me a while to figure out what she was talking about.”

The Limit Of releases in selected cinemas today and Alan says it exposes the “manipulative nature of the banking industry”.

“I think it is very interesting that we went through one of the worst recessions in the last few decades and yet there’s never been a film released in Ireland about the banks, or commissioned,” he adds.

“If you’ve ever had a manager at work that’s frustrated you, this is the film for you.  If you’ve ever had someone you’re attracted to that is probably someone you should not be attracted to, this is the film for you.”

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