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'I COMPLETELY denounce a remake of The Exorcist' - original director William Friedkin is not happy about planned remake


The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

Like many horror-movie purists, director of The Exorcist William Friedkin does not want his 1973 film to be remade. Unfortunately for him, US film studio Morgan Creek Productions, has plans to do just that.

Industry website Deadline reported over the weekend that the production company, who were responsible for the two Exorcist sequels and one prequel, are retaining the remake rights to The Exorcist and a handful of other films after putting the rights to dozens of other titles up for sale.

Jim Robinson, CEO of the company, said that The Exorcist is one of "a number of properties that we are looking to move forward on", and that "ideas are being tossed right now" for a remake of the green-vomit featuring film.

Shortly after, Friedkin shared his thoughts on Twitter, saying that he though Morgan Creek had already done enough damage with the "sequels" (his quotation marks) to The Exorcist.

He tweeted, "In my opinion, Morgan Creek has Tarnished THE EXORCIST enough, with its "Sequels.""

The next day he added that he didn't think the production company even had the rights to the film he directed.

"I mention it only in passing, but I don't believe Morgan Creek has rights to THE ORIGINAL, only the so-called sequels." he wrote.

Then, after film news website HitFlix wrote that "Friedkin doesn't seem particularly thrilled about the idea", he corrected them: "Dear HitFix...correction: I COMPLETELY denounce a remake of The Exorcist by Morgan Creek."

Some supplementary retweets from fans who were similarly unimpressed hammered home his view.

Deadline's report claims that Morgan Creek intend to remake "The Exorcist franchise", although it is not yet clear if that includes Friedkin's original or not.