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Here’s what Guy Pearce thinks of that planned Memento remake


Guy Pearce in Memento

Guy Pearce in Memento

Guy Pearce in Memento

Guy Pearce has responded to the news that his cult 2000 film Memento is set to get a remake by asking if there's a role for him.

AMBI pictures this week announced it will produce a remake - simply because the original film, directed by Christopher Nolan was so popular.

Fan reaction has been overwhelmingly negative with many questioning the logic of a remake.

Pearce took to Twitter to ask if he could be cast, "Can I be in the OTNEMEM remake?  I want to play Sammy this time.......".

In the original the actor played Leonard, a man suffering from memory loss who is trying to track down his wife's killer.  The plot is told in reverse alongside a chronological telling and both strands converge for the ending.

Sammy was played be Stephen Tobolowsky in the film.

However, it seems Guy may actually be just as puzzled about the remake as the rest of us.  He added, "I wonder why they'd do a remake anyway?  I mean we all know how it starts....."





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