Saturday 20 July 2019

Fifty Shades of Grey movie has more than twenty minutes of sex scenes

Jess Denham

The upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie looks set to be the raunchiest 18-rated film in more than a decade.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the storyline’s BDSM theme, cinema-goers can expect over twenty minutes of sex scenes in its 100-minute running time – that’s a fifth bedroom action.

Critics at first look previews of Sam Taylor Johnson’s hotly-awaited adaptation described seeing “more PG kissing” between lead stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson than anything else.

However, film-nudity website Mr Skin reports that Fifty Shades has more sex scene time than the 100 mainstream 18 and R-rated films in the UK and US last year combined, so perhaps we’ll be getting hot under the collar after all.

Based on EL James’ bestselling erotic novels, Fifty Shades follows the relationship between playboy billionaire Christian Grey and his infatuated student submissive, Anastasia Steele.

What they will be doing for the remaining four fifths of the movie remains to be seen, but teaser clips suggest there is some dishevelled kitchen dancing, awkward parent meeting and the inevitable airport scenes involved.

Dornan has confirmed that he did not shoot any full-frontal nudity scenes (meaning you won’t be seeing his ‘todger’) and revealed that yes, he did visit sex dungeons while researching his role.

Fifty Shades of Grey hits Irish cinemas on 13 February.

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