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'F*** yourself!' - Critically panned director Uwe Boll rants against Hollywood following crowd-funding failures


Uwe Boll quits Hollywood

Uwe Boll quits Hollywood

Uwe Boll quits Hollywood

German movie director Uwe Boll has quit Hollywood in a vicious rant following several crowd-funding failures for new movie projects.

Boll is best known for really bad adaptations of videogames including House of the Dead, Postal, and the In the Name of the King series.

The 50-year-old director was also responsible for Blubberella, a film about an obese woman whose footsteps cause explosions and who attacks her critics with swords.

Consequence of Sound reports that Boll has been attempting to fund two new separate movie projects - a sequel to Postal and a third Rampage film - using Kickstarter and IndieGogo since 2013.

However, he kept falling far short of his goals (his first attempt raised just $29,977 of his $500,000 total) and despite lowering his targets he still failed to bag the requisite funding.

Clearly frustrated by his thwarted attempts to continue his career, Boll posted two expletive-laden videos to his Facebook page in which he rants against crowd-funding, Hollywood and Hollywood actors, particularly those who star in comic book films like Iron Man and Captain America, actors he labels "f***ing assholes and retards".

He didn't want to make Rampage 3 for the money, he said, he wanted to make it because "it's an important movie".

Check out the videos below. Be warned, there's some very choice language...

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