Sunday 22 September 2019

Director Robert Rodriguez cast Rose McGowan in Planet Terror to spite Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan in Planet Terror
Rose McGowan in Planet Terror

Director Robert Rodriguez cast Rose McGowan in his film Planet Terror to spite Harvey Weinstein, after she alleged the producer had sexually assaulted her.

Rose told Robert she had been blacklisted by Harvey after she received a financial settlement relating to the reported assault, which took place in a hotel during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in 1997.

Rodriguez was so appalled by her story that he cast Rose as his 2007 film’s one-legged "bad a**" character, even though it was being distributed by Dimension, part of the Weinstein brothers' company, Miramax.

In an essay for Variety, which was published on Friday , Robert explains he told Rose he wanted her to have a starring role in a big movie to take her off the blacklist, adding Harvey’s new Weinstein Company would "pay for the whole d**n thing".

"Until now I’ve not been able to say anything about it out of respect for the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) Rose had signed under extreme pressure from Harvey," he continues. "I am still haunted and disillusioned that after all the good intentions, immense pain and struggle Rose and I and so many talented people went through to make the film, that Harvey Weinstein won in the end by burying (not promoting) the movie, just because Rose was the lead actress.

"Once someone like Harvey Weinstein strikes, the waves, ripple effects, and the collateral damage that take place are far-reaching, unstoppable, and unending. Once a predator strikes, it’s simply too late. We have to stop these actions from happening to begin with through education, harsher consequences, and zero tolerance."

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault, harassment and even rape by a number of actresses following exposes published by the New York Times and the New Yorker earlier this month.

To date more than 50 women have come forward and alleged he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with them.

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