Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito planning 'Triplets' sequel to 'Twins' with Eddie Murphy

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins

Aoife Kelly

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that both he fellow Twins star Danny DeVito are plotting a sequel to the hit 1988 comedy.

They played fraternal twins who build a relationship as adults and, speaking to Howard Stern on Sirius Xm, Arnie revealed they want to add a triplet to the mix for the sequel.

“Now we are talking about a sequel, where we find out at the funeral of our mother, when we read the will, that there’s three of us,” he said, adding that Eddie Murphy is the man in question.

“Eddie Murphy loves the idea,” he said. “Danny DeVito and I had lunch with Eddie Murphy over at my house, and talked about the thing, and we were laughing and laughing the whole meal through because it was such a funny idea.”

With the trio on board they're just waiting on the script from screenwriters Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon.

Schwarzenegger also revealed that he was reluctant to take the role of The Terminator in James Cameron's original sci-fi film because he wanted to play 'leading man' Kyle Reese.

“I said, ‘No no no Jim. I counted the amount of lines this guy says. It’s 27 lines. In Conan [the Barbarian] I had 128 lines. So I’m not going to go backwards,’” he said of his conversation with the director.

“I said… I want to be the leading man. He said, ‘I will make this guy the leading man! It’s called The Terminator! I will shoot it from below up, you will look heroic. And don’t worry about killing all those people — because you’re a machine. No one is going to blame Arnold.’”

During filming both star and director fell out over what would become an iconic line in cinema history: "I'll be back".

“I said, ‘A machine would not abbreviate ‘I’ll.’ Plus it sounds really weird when I say it. ‘I’ll.’ It sounds weak,’” Schwarzenegger said. “I said, ‘Why don’t we say ‘I will be back?’”

A shouting match ensued after which Arnie backed down and said the line as Cameron wanted.

“He maybe knew it’s going to be one of those powerful lines,” he said.

“I didn’t know. I didn’t see anything in it. I was amazed when we had the screening of the movie, and then kids came up to me and said ‘Say the line ‘I’ll be back!’”