Friday 23 March 2018

6 ways Star Trek Beyond trailer fails to channel Star Trek

Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond
Ed Power

Ed Power

The trailer to Star Trek: Beyond has just leaked and the reaction is… not hugely positive. In fact, Trek diehards and casual fans of the franchise have united in their loathing of the spot – and what it portends for the film (which sees Fast and Furious' Justin Lin taking over from JJ Abrams).

Such disgruntlement is understandable as the promo really does hint at a cinematic flame-out to rival 2013's terrible Star Trek: Into Darkness. Here are six reasons the trailer (watch it below) made us sad....

1: Whoops, they've blown up the Enterprise… Again!

How will Captain Kirk and crew fare separated from their beloved starship? Actually that's a rhetorical question – one already answered in Star Trek III and in the Next Generation  movie Generations (answer: just fine). Frankly, we're sort of fed up watching the Enterprise going down in flames.


2: Action, action, action

The beef against Abrams' ST reboots is that they are a betrayal on the sacred Trek mantra that brains always beat brawn. Lin has fallen into the same trap – judging by the trailer, the new movie will be all action – the Fast In Furious in space no less.


3: The Beastie Boys – really?

Who doesn't love the Beastie Boys' Sabotage? But what isn't cool is grafting this 90s rap-rock anthem to a science fiction movie set in the 23rd century. It…jars (as it did when Abrams used the same track to promote his original Trek flick in2009).


4: Chris Pine Is Still Channeling Zapp Brannigan

James T Kirk is a doer rather than a thinker, no question. Yet William Shatner, offset the matinee idol swagger with glimmers of self-awareness. Chris Pine alas has gutted all nuance from the character - he imagines Kirk as a cartoon-made flesh, over the top and utterly oblivious to the fact.


5: The CGI Is Terrible

Thirty seconds into the promo, it's as if Lin is suddenly possessed by the avenging shade of Michael Bay. The FX turns wobbly and unrealistic - especially when Scotty (co-writer Simon Pegg) plunges over a cliff. Welcome to the uncanny valley.


6: It Just Doesn't Feel Very Star Trek

The unique quality that defines Star Trek is not always easily explained to outsiders. But us fans know Trek when we see it - and this wasn't Trek.

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