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Moretz: I'll never be a bad girl


Chloe Moretz intends to concentrate on her career

Chloe Moretz intends to concentrate on her career


Chloe Moretz intends to concentrate on her career

Chloe Moretz has insisted she won't ever be one of Hollywood's bad girls.

The 16-year-old Kick Ass star said she's not interested in dabbling in drink and drugs because she has worked too hard to throw her career away.

She told Nylon magazine: "I'm, like, incredibly straight-laced, considering what some 16-year-olds are doing. It's probably because I've gone to nice events with big people there since I was a young girl.

"Kids my age at school are fighting to get into clubs and be around an open bar, whereas I've had the opportunity to drink or do drugs if I wanted to, and I haven't. I look around me and go, 'God's put me here for a reason. Why would I want to go take a drug or do something that can strip away everything I've worked for?'

"This business is not peaches and cream, and I've fought tooth and nail to earn this spot. I'm not a girl who's ridden on a last name or lucked into it from getting on one project that blows up. I've worked for 11 years, and I have to keep working, too, because if I sat back on my haunches right now, I could disappear within a month."

Chloe can seen be seen in the remake of classic horror movie Carrie, and revealed she tried a "new style of acting" for the part.

She said: "With Carrie, I wanted to try staying in character and being in that dark space all day. I'm not very serious Method. It's not like I didn't talk to my family or go crazy and not eat, but with the director and the actors I was Carrie all the time on set.

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had, but it was one of the darkest, and I'm terrified to see the movie because it's the most vulnerable I've ever been."

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