Thursday 22 August 2019

Minions 'too scary' for children among complaints to Irish Film Classification Office

Minions Movie
Minions Movie
Johnny Depp is Whitey Bolger in 'Black Mass'
Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

A cinemagoer who was concerned that the Minions cartoon was "very scary" was among those who complained to the Irish Film Classification Office this year.

One person who brought children aged three, four and five to see Minions complained that the "General" rating was not suitable because of scenes that were "very scary" for their age.

In a response, Ger Connolly of the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO) said he was of the opinion that the film was classified consistently with many others. He said he felt that the content was similar to films such as Despicable Me and Paddington.

However, he added that he was aware that it is very difficult to predict what might upset a particular child.

Separately, the classification of the movie No Escape, which was rated 15A, was also the subject of a complaint. In the thriller, a US family finds itself chased by a murderous mob during a foreign coup.

"There was lots of bloodied bodies," the complaint stated, arguing that "18" would have been a better rating.

In response, David Power of the IFCO said that it was classified 15A for "strong violence throughout".

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Johnny Depp is Whitey Bolger in 'Black Mass'
Johnny Depp is Whitey Bolger in 'Black Mass'

Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp as Irish-American gangster Whitey Bolger and rated 15A, was also problematic for one viewer due to the "brutality" of the violence depicted.

"I was genuinely concerned to think that any 15-year-olds had been watching the same film as me," the complainant said.

In his response, Mr Power said that while some of the gangland violence in the movie is undoubtedly brutal, "it was felt by the classifier that these scenes served to underscore the cruelty of the protagonists and their villainous natures and were justified in this context".

Only eight complaints had been lodged with the IFCO up to December 15 compared with the 17 that were made last year.


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