Monday 16 December 2019

Michael Caine gets locked in attic

Sir Michael Caine found himself locked in an attic for the night
Sir Michael Caine found himself locked in an attic for the night

Sir Michael Caine was left stranded in the attic of a disused theatre overnight on the set of his new film.

The 79-year-old British actor reportedly fell asleep in his dressing room while filming new heist movie Now You See Me in Low's State Theatre in New Orleans, so he didn't hear the director call 'wrap' on the set downstairs, and the staff all left without him, locking the doors behind them.

Michael's famous catchphrase from The Italian Job "You were only supposed to blow the b****y doors off" might have come in handy when he found himself locked in all night, according to The Daily Mirror.

His mobile phone was apparently outside in his trailer so he couldn't call for help, and as there was no electricity in the attic, when The Dark Knight Rises star woke up, it was pitch black, so all he could do was shout out for help.

It wasn't until an on-set carpenter who had left his tools behind returned to the theatre the following morning that Michael was discovered trapped inside the building. He was reportedly given the morning off to recover.

The film also stars Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg and follows a team of magicians who use their skills to rob a bank.

Meanwhile, earlier this week Michael was given the freedom of the borough of Southwark in South London where he attended his first acting youth club.

He said: "I've received awards before but this is so personal because it's about where I grew up."

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