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McConaughey sings for his star

Matthew McConaughey has burst into song as he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Oscar-winning actor, who scooped a string of accolades last year for his performance as Ron Woodruff in Aids drama Dallas Buyers Club, added another honour to his winning streak.

He unveiled his star outside Madame Tussauds on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles accompanied by Christopher Nolan, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy, his director and co-stars from his new hit movie Interstellar.

Speaking after the ceremony, Matthew said he is in love with the process of making movies.

"I look forward to my days when I go to work, the butterflies in my stomach each day, being prepared but not quite sure what's going to happen. The making of the films, the architecture, that's my favourite part."

Looking out into the crowd during the ceremony, which included his stunning wife Camlia Alves and beautiful children Levi, Vida and Livingston, he sang: "I got my name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame," before saying: "There's a song in there somewhere. That's the beginning."

He continued: "It is a special day to me, this is a great moment in my career and my life.

"I only saw two or three films in my life before I was 18 years old. I got my first job in Austin, Texas on a film called Dazed And Confused and little did I know it would turn out to be a career and something I would learn to love, and am learning to love even more.

"This business and industry, I feel it's a privilege every single day that I get up on a Monday morning and look forward to going to work. I'm proud to be able to say that. I have a career that on a Monday morning I look forward to getting up and going to work.

"This industry has given me a lot, a chance to live out some dreams I didn't even know I had, dreams I'm still finding along the way, What other business can you go and live them out but this storytelling business? Let's keep telling great stories, let's keep entertaining, let's keep putting something out there that matters, is original and is just plain fun."

Space drama Interstellar is in UK cinemas now.

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