Saturday 7 December 2019

Matthew McConaughey: Cheeseburger and beer for breakfast got me to Gold weight

Matthew McConaughey worried that he would not lose the extra three stone he gained for crime adventure Gold
Matthew McConaughey worried that he would not lose the extra three stone he gained for crime adventure Gold

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey indulged in a "cheeseburger and beer for breakfast" to pile on the pounds for his latest film role.

The Oscar-winning actor, 47, worried that he would never be able to lose the extra three stone he gained for the crime adventure Gold.

He tells tonight's Graham Norton Show that he was more used to having to slim down for his big-screen roles and that this time he got his family involved.

"Gaining is much more fun. F or six months I had a rule that everyone had to say yes to every desire they wanted 24/7," he said.

The father-of-three added: "I was a real yes man. Pizza night could be any night and if the kids wanted to go bowling at midnight on a school night, that was a great idea too.

"Cheeseburger and beer for breakfast was a great idea too. I really relaxed on the rules."

After a while he "noticed that quite a lot of fat had really settled in".

He said: "I did have a few moments when I looked in the mirror and thought, 'This may be it, buddy!'", he said, adding: "It was fun and my family kind of misses me being a fat ass.

"My nickname in the family was Captain Fun. The whole family probably put on a little extra luggage but I was fat and happy."

Norton also has singer Ed Sheeran, actress Christina Ricci and comedian Josh Widdicombe on Friday's show.

The Last Leg host Widdicombe, who made £750 after placing a £200 bet on Donald Trump winning the US election, said: "It's great doing a topical show when the world is going mad. Everyone is going to die but we are going to get good ratings!"

He spoke about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's appearance on the Channel 4 show, when he was portrayed pulling up at the studio in a white Bentley with what appeared to be a fake fur coat draped over his shoulders.

Widdicombe said: "He turned up for the show and he had never seen it. He didn't know who I was and I think he thought he was going on a Friday night chat show."

He added: "A week later, I was on a train and he sat down opposite and didn't recognise me."

:: The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC1 tonight at 10.35pm.

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