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Love Life star Peter Vack on his explicit scenes in new drama PVT Chat

He plays a gambler who becomes fixated with a webcam performer.


Peter Vack (Vertigo Releasing)

Peter Vack (Vertigo Releasing)

Peter Vack (Vertigo Releasing)

Love Life star Peter Vack has detailed how he approached the erotic scenes in his new film.

The actor, who recently starred opposite Anna Kendrick in the hit US series, can next be seen in drama PVT Chat, playing a lonely internet gambler who becomes fixated on a cam girl (a woman who performs for money in front of a webcam).

Discussing how he approached some of the more explicit scenes in the movie, he told the PA news agency: “I don’t really feel so awkward around that stuff. It’s only awkward when I feel that other people are awkward.


Peter Vack and Sadie Frost in PVT Chat (Vertigo Releasing)

Peter Vack and Sadie Frost in PVT Chat (Vertigo Releasing)

Peter Vack and Sadie Frost in PVT Chat (Vertigo Releasing)

“I’ve got pretty used to having no modesty, but then if someone has modesty, it’s like Adam and Eve realising they’re naked.

“It’s a very weird, American thing to be so freaked out by nudity, I don’t love it.

“People are so worried about being gratuitous in their filmmaking but life has moments of gratuitousness and it has moments that are explicit and I find those interesting to watch, if the actors seem not modest, and excited to do it, and the filmmaking does too.

“It’s never good when you feel like a movie is asking actors to do stuff that they’re not comfortable with. You can always see that.

“When I have to do something that is exposing myself, my philosophy is that I actually have to tap into ‘no modesty’ because my modesty will show up and it will make this not appealing to watch, or make it feel exploitative or something and it just won’t work.

“Those moments are only impossible if you don’t have people that are equally down for them and thankfully we all were, we were all ready to have the movie explore those moments.”

He added: “In American cinema there’s so much violence and anger and killing and no one bats an eyelash.

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“People are screaming at each other and killing each other with guns and knives, but if you show a too realistic sex scene, people go, ‘Oh my god, they were naked for real!’.”

Contrasting his role in the film with that from Love Life, which is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer, he said: “When I think of the mental space that I was in for Love Life vs this, it really is almost funny that I did them both.

“You couldn’t have more different styles in filmmaking and productions, and the characters. I just love getting to do things that are not the same.”

PVT Chat is out now on digital platforms.

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