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Lohan 'content' as probation ends


Lindsay Lohan has a lot to say about Brexit.

Lindsay Lohan has a lot to say about Brexit.

Lindsay Lohan has a lot to say about Brexit.

Actress Lindsay Lohan has said not having to work in the US is the "biggest weight" off her chest for nearly a decade.

Speaking after being free from probation for the first time in eight years, the Mean Girls star said she was happy to finish her community service and prove people wrong.

She told The Sunday Times's Style magazine she had turned to alternative therapies such as receiving hallucinogenic concoctions from a shaman and liquid-nitrogen cryotherapy.

Following a turbulent decade involving highly publicised battles with addiction and a number of convictions, Lohan said she was ready to settle down.

"I want kids. I want to settle down with someone," she said.

"I feel good, I feel content with life.

"A lot of it was distancing myself from the ones I love most, so I didn't feel like I had to take care of everyone - I have a tendency to be a caretaker, and I needed people to just take care of me."

Lohan added she wanted to settle down before trying to re-enter showbusiness, with her options potentially including a role in the movie version of Speed-The-Plow, a West End play she appeared in last year.

She said: "I'm not rushing. I've been working for 26 years, though it's weird that I still haven't been to the Golden Globes or the Oscars.

"I don't want to go unless I'm winning. I don't want to present, all due respect.

"Not having to worry about anything in the States is the biggest weight off my chest after nine years."

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