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Lion star Nicole Kidman hopes to have another child at 49


Nicole Kidman said children were the joy of her life

Nicole Kidman said children were the joy of her life

Nicole Kidman said children were the joy of her life

Actor Nicole Kidman has revealed that she "would love" to have more babies at the age of 49.

The mother-of-four said that she hoped to have another child with her husband Keith Urban this year, even though she has previously had problems conceiving.

Describing children as the joy of her life in an interview with the Mail Online, the Moulin Rouge star said: " I would be beyond happy and just welcome it with open arms."

In her latest film, Lion, Kidman takes on the role of mother again as she portrays the real character of Australian Sue Brierley who adopted two Indian boys.

Having had experience of adoption herself, after adopting her first two children Isabella and Connor with then husband Tom Cruise, she said she "connected" with Brierley.

She gave birth naturally for the first time, to her daughter Faith, at the age of 41 after marrying musician Urban.

"After so many years of trying, it was so against the odds," she said.

"We went through a surrogacy with my second daughter because we wanted another child so much that it hurt...I felt my chances of conceiving again were slimmer and slimmer."

Her fourth child, Sunday Rose, was born though a surrogate.

Boasting a trophy cabinet that includes an Academy Award for her role The Hours (2002), a Bafta, a Critics' Choice Movie Award and three Golden Globes, Kidman described having children as the best way to stay grounded.

Summarising motherhood as the opportunity to be able to give unconditional love, she admitted she that her own parenting style was about being "big on love and small on rules," leaving her husband to be the strict one.

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