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Kurt: Expendables looking backwards


Kurt Russell is excited about the Fast & Furious franchise

Kurt Russell is excited about the Fast & Furious franchise

Kurt Russell is excited about the Fast & Furious franchise

Kurt Russell has said he is not interested in a role in The Expendables 3 as he thinks the action franchise is "looking backwards".

The Art Of Steal star told IGN he was much more interested in becoming a part of new franchise Fast & Furious that Sylvester Stalone's Expendables series about a team of ageing mercenaries and featuring older action stars.

Kurt, 62, said: "I mean, I'm glad Sly's done well with this. He's a great person. The fellas all seem to have a good time. I've never seen any of them. It's not a beat I get. It's like looking backwards to me. There's something about Fast & Furious. It has that mystery to me - and it's for a funny audience, you know? I like the way Vin talks about it - it's a saga. It's not a series, it's a saga."

The Overboard star is on board for Fast & Furious 7. Production has been delayed by the tragic death of Paul Walker last November, but Kurt revealed he is due to start filming in April or May.

He also revealed his character could build to a bigger role in Fast & Furious 8.

Kurt explained: "The character that I play is presented as one thing, but you have a big suspicion that he's another. Vin's character is - it's really the family around Vin that's going to be suspecting, 'Why is he involved with this guy?' It was always going to be Vin's character who he was a father figure to - but he's either a good one or a bad one."

He added: "That's going to be interesting, because the character has purposely been treated in a certain way so that he can or can't. The 'can' will be an interesting stretch. It works, because I understand what it is and we came up with it. It's like, 'Oh, wow! That's cool!' If he doesn't, then he doesn't. If he gets killed, he gets killed. That will be for them to determine.

"I just wanted to be able to work with them making the best possible character to either be sad he doesn't move on or say, 'Yeah, I want this character to move on - we need this character to move on.'"

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