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Saturday 25 January 2020

Kilmer's Fourth Dimension giggles

Val Kilmer has been working with director Harmony Korine
Val Kilmer has been working with director Harmony Korine

Val Kilmer has confessed he couldn't help getting the giggles while playing a crazed motivational speaker in his new film The Fourth Dimension.

The 52-year-old actor plays himself but as a speaker offering his wisdom to people who have fallen on tough times, in the experimental new movie from Grolsch Film Works and Vice Films. The film has just had its world premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Val said: "The hardest part was really not laughing during the take. There were a couple of times I laughed but I turned it into my character laughing."

The Fourth Dimension is comprised of three 30 minute short films made by international directors Harmony Korine, Alexsei Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski shot in their home nations of America, Russia and Poland.

Each film-maker had to follow the same brief designed by project director Eddy Moretti, best known for his film Heavy Metal In Baghdad.

Val stars in Harmony's US comedy chapter of the film, made in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Twixt star also revealed he and Harmony were hoping to do a live tour of his part of the film.

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