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Monday 20 January 2020

Kendrick joins Braff indie film

Anna Kendrick will star in Zach Braff's new project
Anna Kendrick will star in Zach Braff's new project

Anna Kendrick is set to star in the Zach Braff indie film Wish I Was Here.

The Pitch Perfect star is the latest actor to join the cast according to The Wrap.

Wish I Was Here was funded by a hugely successful kickstarter campaign which appealed for funds from donors to finance the film.

Anna will play a woman called Janine who Zach's character's brother becomes smitten with.

Zach, 38, who previously starred in and directed Garden State, will take a double involvement again in Wish I Was Here, which he co-wrote with his brother Adam.

In his campaign appeal for funding the movie, Zach said: "I am often asked by my fans or by the press when I am promoting films in which I've acted, 'Why haven't you directed another film since Garden State?' The truth is, it's very hard to get small, personal films made without sacrificing some aspect of your artistic integrity.

"Social media has begun to give content creators a chance to appeal directly to their fan base and say, 'I wanna make something for you, but I'm gonna need your help'."

Later this year Anna can be seen in comedy Get A Job and spoof horror Rapture-Palooza with Ken Jeong.

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