Saturday 25 November 2017

Ken Jeong - 'Jumping out of a boot naked as Mr. Chow was my idea'

Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

'Hangover 3' star Ken Jeong talks fame, kids and jumping out of car boots naked.

Hi Ken! Let's start with finding out what everyone wants to know. What was it like to jump out of a car boot naked in the first Hangover instalment?

That was actually my idea. I pitched it to Todd Philips (Hangover director and producer). I asked did he think it would be funny if I jumped out of a boot naked.

He was like, "You don't have to tell me twice".

The Hangover is where worldwide fame began for you. When did you realise you'd made it big?

I remember after the first movie I was with my wife in a sushi restaurant and people were staring. [Jeong gets into 'Chow' character] I thought people were mad at me or giving me dirty looks. I was like why are people staring at me, I'm just enjoying my unagi man... I'm just enjoying my sushi man.

[Reverts to Ken Jeong] I remember at that moment I realised The Hangover was going to be big.

Do fans ask for Mr Chow-isms on the street?

The fans do all the hard work for me. They shout the quotes at me!

What do your daughters think of their dad being 'Mr Chow'?

They are aware of my fame. They're six years old so they're at that age when they know the concept of movies and when movies are coming out. They have asked me, "Daddy, what's Hangover 3?".

[Laughing] I just said, "Well, it's a movie that you're too young to watch right now".

They do know what I do for a living, sometimes I get recognised and they adapt to it well. It's like having a father with an odd job.

Your character 'Mr Chow' had a much bigger part in the third instalment of The Hangover franchise. How did you cope with that?

It was great, it was the best experience I've ever had. We had 'Chow' parachuting and, when he escaped from prison, that was me doing the 33-foot free-fall drop. It was so surreal and such an adrenaline rush.

And what's next for Ken?

I'm going to have lunch, I think there's a few sandwiches around...

I'm filming Community at the moment, I'm on a week's hiatus now from filming but I'm working on some other projects that I'm writing, developing and producing. None of it would be possible without The Hangover.

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