Tuesday 23 July 2019

Kate Hudson takes gender-neutral approach to raising daughter

The actress welcomed her third child, Rani Rose, in October last year.

Kate Hudson will not impose boundaries on her daughter’s identity (PA)
Kate Hudson will not impose boundaries on her daughter’s identity (PA)

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Kate Hudson has said she will take a “genderless” approach to raising her young daughter.

The actress has said that she will allow her child Rani Rose to find her own identity as she grows up.

Hudson revealed that she will raise her children as individuals, and not necessarily conform to fixed gender boundaries.

Speaking to AOL, the mother-of-three said that she would adopt a gender-neutral approach, although her latest arrival displayed feminine behaviour.

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She said on having her first daughter: “It doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference. I think you just raise your kids individually regardless – like a genderless [approach].

“We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as. I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds and her way. It’s very different from the boys”

Hudson said she enjoyed the change that came with her first daughter, and the opportunity to buy children’s clothes.

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