Sunday 15 December 2019

Julie Walters' inner action hero

Julie Walters loved doing an action scene as Mrs Weasley
Julie Walters loved doing an action scene as Mrs Weasley

Julie Walters has revealed she loved letting out her "inner action hero" during her big fight scene in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part II.

The 61-year-old actress plays Molly Weasley in the films, who attacks evil with Bellatrix Lestarnge (Helena Bonham Carter) in the final battle in Hogwarts to protect her daughter Ginny.

Julie said: "Oh it was great, I was thrilled! Because Molly, mainly all through the films she's mum."

She went on: "You know, she's there looking after everybody, 'Harry hello! Stop that. Where's Ron? Ron!' It's all that sort of mummy stuff and then suddenly the inner action hero is out! So fantastic."

She added: "I think my favourite line has got to be 'Not my daughter, you b***h!' I couldn't believe Mrs Weasley would say that but it was fabulous to say."

Julie said she will miss the camaraderie and the friendly, family atmosphere of filming the Harry Potter films, along with the padding she wore for her costume.

She revealed: "I loved my costume and particularly the padding because it gave me the most fabulous shape, with enormous bosoms. It kept me really warm in winter and was rather absorbent in summer!

"I was a little worried at King's Cross with the pigeons, because it was made of bird seed, or the bosoms were! But apart from that... I loved it."

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