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Julie Delpy hits out at Hollywood


Julie Delpy has hit out at the Hollywood film industry

Julie Delpy has hit out at the Hollywood film industry

Julie Delpy has hit out at the Hollywood film industry

Julie Delpy has slammed the Hollywood film industry and said she blames the Weinstein brothers for killing the independent movie scene.

The 44-year-old French actress and filmmaker also dismissed the Oscars and the Golden Globes in an outspoken interview with So Film magazine, saying the awards are meaningless to her.

Asked if she thought women had enough influence in Hollywood, Julie declared: "I don't know if it's harder when you're a woman.

"The problem with certain festivals, the people in charge always choose the same people. They choose their friends, even if the movie's c***. That's what annoys me the most. But a festival is a festival: awards, prizes, decorations. You need to see who votes and who chooses the movies.

"We have the Golden Globes. If you could see it, you wouldn't believe that there's anything good about it. The same goes for the Oscars. It's 90 per cent white men over 70 who need money because they haven't done anything in a long time. You just need to give them two or three presents and they're in your pocket. It doesn't mean anything to me, so I don't really care if there are women in the selection process."

Julie went on to complain the American independent movie scene had been "killed by the Weinsteins".

She said: "I think they love cinema, but they also like to take a movie and give it an added value, then kill everything left behind.

"This has a lot to do with the Oscars. In the 90s, there were real independent movies, but they have slowly been crushed by the majors. The minute they take over something, they crush it."

And the Before Midnight star even dismissed some of her own roles in Hollywood blockbusters as "c***".

She said: "I've made some big movies before already. C*** stuff like The Three Musketeers. Every time I've become a part of the Hollywood mainstream, it's been c***! Let's be honest: 90 per cent of movies made in Hollywood are c***."

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