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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Julianne: I'm scared of death

Julianne Moore says she thinks about death all the time
Julianne Moore says she thinks about death all the time

Julianne Moore has confessed that constantly being asked about getting older makes her think about death.

The Hollywood actress, who turned 49 in December, revealed she is preoccupied with death.

Julianne admitted: "It's all I think about - people ask me age [related] questions constantly - I mean I've been asked since I started in the business about how I think about getting older but what they mean is the cosmetic thing."

She added: "I don't think about that but I do think about dying and I think when we talk about age, what we're really saying or what we're really afraid of, is how finite everything is. That's the blessing of extreme youth, you feel like it's forever."

She thinks there is more to ageing than looks.

She said: "It's almost reductive when we talk about a woman being afraid of getting old. It just sounds like you're scared of losing your looks or something. Instead I think it's this feeling that a lot of people have in mid-life of being, 'Well, who am I?' It's a huge crisis."

Julianne stars in Chloe, which is about a wife who worries her husband is losing interest in her and so hires a younger woman to seduce him, only to begin an affair with her herself.

:: Chloe opens in cinemas on March 5.

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