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Josh 'terrifying' in Gangster Squad


Josh Brolin plays a 'berserker' in Gangster Squad

Josh Brolin plays a 'berserker' in Gangster Squad

Josh Brolin plays a 'berserker' in Gangster Squad

Josh Brolin is "terrifying" in Gangster Squad, Giovanni Ribisi has said.

The Rum Diary actor stars in Ruben Fleischer's crime drama alongside Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn, but reckons Josh's performance is one to watch.

"The description of his character is a berserker. Do you know what a berserker is, historically? They were terrifying," he told The Playlist.

"There are paintings of these people, these soldiers, who were thought to have taken some drug or some substance to make them go crazy. And we're talking about the protagonist here."

Giovanni - who gave a stand-out performance as drink-loving Moberg in The Rum Diary, alongside Johnny Depp - plays wiretapper Conway Keeler in Gangster Squad.

He is recruited by Ryan Gosling's Jerry Wooters and Josh Brolin's John O'Mara to listen in on the conversations of a mobster.

"He's eavesdropping, but he's doing it to the bad guys," the 37-year-old explained.

"That's his job, and it's ultimately for a higher purpose. There's definitely shades of grey, there's moral ambiguity, but he's a good guy in this movie."

Gangster Squad is scheduled to open in the UK in November.

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