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Jonathan Ross's 'fun' movie show


Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has revealed plans to front another film show.

The chat show host was replaced by Claudia Winkleman on the BBC's long-running film show after he announced he was quitting the Corporation in 2010.

Now Jonathan has told This Morning that his new ITV1 show would be "bigger and more fun".

"I'm going to be doing a pilot for a movie show, because I kind of miss doing the movie show at the BBC," he said.

"I wouldn't want to do a show like that again because that show was always very low budget - they do a great job, but it's very kind of small and, throwaway's the wrong word, but its a very kind of low key show and I think movies are such an important part of everyone's lives.

"So we are going to try and make a bigger, more fun show that looks at new releases but also looks at the movie industry - kind of a bit like Top Gear where they go off on tangents."

Jonathan added: "They have a whole lot of fun with the idea of motoring and that's what we want to do with film and cinema."

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