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Monday 20 January 2020

Jolie: Russia relations 'positive'

Angelina Jolie thinks US-Russia relations are 'positive'
Angelina Jolie thinks US-Russia relations are 'positive'

Angelina Jolie may play a suspected Russian sleeper agent in her latest movie - but in real life she thinks US-Russian relations are going well.

Angelina was in Moscow for the Russian premiere of the movie Salt on Sunday, just a few weeks after 10 Russian sleeper agents were expelled from the US in exchange for four Russians accused of spying for the West.

She said at the Oktyabrskaya theatre: "You don't want to focus on the negative behind this issue of the spy swap because I think that what is happening between our countries is wonderful these days, so many positive movements forward."

Fans waited hours in temperatures of 35C outside the theatre to get a glimpse of the star, who wore a scarlet gown with deep cleavage.

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