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Joan blasts Bonham Carter's style


Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has blasted Helena Bonham Carter for her fashion sense, joking: "If she was not a star she'd be put away."

The acerbic comedian is famous for her cutting remarks on the red carpet, and she's looking forward to checking out the outfits on Oscars night - including that of British nominee Helena Bonham Carter.

Joan said: "If you saw her coming down a dark street dressed the way she was dressed at the Golden Globes you would definitely cross the street."

"The joke is she's married to Tim Burton so you know the two of them look at each other and go, 'You look great!'" she added.

But Joan knows that her own outfits are not above criticism, and she has one bad dress which still haunts her.

"One year I had a navy dress and put pink ruffles on it. I looked like a mother attending her son's bar mitzvah gone wrong, you know what I mean? That picture went all over and it's still up at the E! building so you pass it and I'm like, 'God!'" she said.

:: Live From The Red Carpet: The 2011 Academy Awards is on Sunday, February 27 and Fashion Police: The 2011 Academy Awards is on Tuesday, March 1 on E!

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