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Jeff Goldblum reaches peak Jeff Goldblum as he talks about his 'inner love juices' having 'risen to their full height'

The actor has two young sons with his dancer wife.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Photocall – London

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Photocall – London

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Photocall – London

Jeff Goldblum has spoken about his “inner love juices” as he described how happy he is in his romantic life.

The 65-year-old Jurassic Park star has been married to dancer Emilie Livingston, 35, since 2014, and they have two sons, Charlie Ocean and River Joe.

He told the Press Association: “At this stage I’m having a grand old time, and I feel fit as a fiddle, full of vitamin A and enjoyment.

“My life is overwhelmingly abundant, filled with abundance.

“I’ve got a couple of kids, and I’ve got jobs galore and, gee, my love life is full to bursting.

“My inner love juices are full or have risen to their full height. Listen to me, what is wrong with me?”

The actor reprises his role of Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to 2015’s Jurassic World and the first time he has revisited the part since The Lost World in 1997.

Speaking about watching his performances as a younger actor, he said: “It’s a long time ago, I’ve withered like an old apple.

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“(Actually) I look pretty good, I’m looking at myself in the mirror now, not bad. If I put on the right pair of glasses and put on the right kind of thing, get gussied up, you know, I don’t frighten little children. But it was a long time ago.”

He continue: “I think the only way to live healthily is to abide by nature, even though one doesn’t want to.

“We are all fleetingly here, but that is the magic of life, we come and we go and where do we come from?”

Goldblum also addressed the images from his famous shirtless scene in the first Jurassic Park film, joking: “I admire them myself.

“It’s great, the human body is beautiful in all ways.”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is released in the UK on June 6.