Tuesday 24 October 2017

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's ideas box

Jean-Pierre Jeunet says he makes a note of everything he likes
Jean-Pierre Jeunet says he makes a note of everything he likes

Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has revealed he has an ideas box which inspire his films.

The French filmmaker used the box to inspire characters for his comedy caper Micmacs in which hero Bazil, who has suffered at the hands of wealthy Parisian weapon sellers, seek revenge with the help of a group of misfits who live in a rubbish tip.

Jeunet explained: "You know with my script writer, even for Amelie we did the same thing. We are used to use a box of ideas. We note everything we love in real life and after two or three years the box is packed with ideas and we open the box and we chose the best one for the story. That's the reason it's so full of details."

The award-winning director was inspired by many things to create the fantastical world of Micmacs.

Jeunet revealed: "I think it was a mix of previous different feelings. I wanted to make something very slapstick, very cartoon, with a band of stupid people like the toys of Toy Story or the Seven Dwarves in Snow White and on the other hand I wanted to speak about something more serious.

"The story of the weapon seller because it was a preoccupation on my mind.

"And also a story of revenge, because I love Sergio Leone's movies."

:: Micmacs is available on DVD now.

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