Friday 13 December 2019

Janet found film role therapeutic

Janet Jackson found her film role 'therapeutic'
Janet Jackson found her film role 'therapeutic'

Janet Jackson has revealed she found filming her latest movie role shortly after the death of her brother Michael "therapeutic".

The singer unleashed her anger in the latest Tyler Perry film, Why Did I Get Married Too?, in which she portrays a self-help psychologist in a struggling marriage.

"It was very therapeutic, I was able to release in such a way," Janet said.

The movie was set to begin filming the week her brother died. Janet, 43, said she took some of film's intense moments off the set, though she preferred to leave it there.

"There were moments when I definitely brought it home, and not really wanting to but you do and then eventually you unwind. It becomes very draining," she said.

Tyler believes Janet used her personal experiences to fuel the pain her character attempts to hide in the film.

He chipped in during their joint interview: "It's good. It seemed to me that you had rehearsed it before in your own life."

He went on: "The range that she was showing everyday was this emotional roller coaster and it's all on film. Everything she was going through, everything she's ever dealt with in relationships, it shows up on her face and in her work. I think people get a real personable glimpse from what she did on film."

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