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James Purefoy trying to depict Don Juan as 'sick, tyrannical coward'

He plays a psychopath in new film Interlude In Prague.


The Following star James Purefoy has said his experience playing a serial killer on the hit show helped him play a psychopathic baron in his new film.

The British star played college professor-turned-murderous ringleader Joe Carroll in the series and has used the research he did for it to inform his portrayal of the narcissistic baron in movie Interlude In Prague.


The film follows Mozart as he turns the Don Juan story into Don Giovanni, using the baron as his inspiration, and James told the Press Association: “I’ve tried to strip the Don Juan figure of some of that glamour because I don’t think he deserves it actually.

“I’m not trying to judge, I’m just trying to play it honestly and the only way I can do that is to see him as a sexual psychopath.


“I played a psychopath on American TV for three years so I know a lot about psychopathy now and I know different ways that, having done an awful lot of research into it, they work.

“I don’t admire and don’t excuse but I understand how their minds work and it’s a great deal to do with manipulation, ego, narcissism, glibness of charm, many different facets go into it.”


James, who recently starred opposite Tom Hiddleston in Ben Wheatley’s film High-Rise, said he had to visit some dark places to get into character, saying: “You have to try to access a darkness in you and his darkness is deeply unpleasant.

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“There is a scene where he rapes someone and that is ugly, it’s one of the worst crimes you can commit against anybody, it steals somebody else’s soul and we need to see how ugly it is.

“I’m trying to take the Don Juan legend and shake it and show him actually for the man he is, a sick, tyrannical coward.”

Interlude In Prague is released in UK cinemas on May 25.

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