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Jackson: Tintin was big brother


Peter Jackson says he was always a Tintin fan

Peter Jackson says he was always a Tintin fan

Peter Jackson says he was always a Tintin fan

Filmmaker Peter Jackson says he loved the idea of working on a Tintin film - because the character had once been like an "older brother".

The Lord Of The Rings director produced The Adventures Of Tintin, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the Belgian artist and writer Herge's books.

Peter said: "You grow up looking at Tintin - in my case, being an only child - he was like the brother that I wished I had.

"The older brother that went on these adventures, dangerous adventures and exciting. And then as I grew older, Tintin stayed the same age, and I sort of became older than him.

"And you start to appreciate the satire and the world in which Herge lived in. The decades of incredible social upheaval in Europe...."

He added that he saw a new side to the character while working on the film.

"There are layers in there that I find so fascinating now as an adult," the Oscar-winning filmmaker said.

"Plus, you see the influences Herge was under, not just in the place and time that he lived, but also Hollywood films.

"He clearly had a love of Hollywood adventure films, probably from those early '30s and '40s days, because a lot of that feeling is in Tintin. Plus a love of silent comedy. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, they're all in there. ... We've tried to sort of layer all of that into the film."

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