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Monday 22 January 2018

Jackman: Best Wolverine coming up

Hugh Jackman says he thinks X-Men: Days Of Future Past could be his best Wolverine role
Hugh Jackman says he thinks X-Men: Days Of Future Past could be his best Wolverine role

Hugh Jackman has said he is glad he got to play a "more definitive version" of Wolverine in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The actor has played Wolverine seven times before, but told Collider he was pleased to have another crack at it.

Asked how long he would play the part for, he said: "I don't think about that. How long. I know 100 per cent it'll come to an end and it should. I've said before, I always think the great parts outlive the actors that play them and that's a stage tradition, that goes back hundreds of years and it should be that way. I came off the bench to play this part and when people do that, they're even more reluctant to give it up.

"I was very motivated to do what I thought was a more definitive version of that character and being in this is a dream... I feel better within myself and I think the team do in terms of what we created with The Wolverine and... I don't feel the weight of that like I did after the first Wolverine. After that one, I felt we still hadn't created that movie.

"And I've been so lucky to play it and I always wanted to have that feeling in 30 years when someone says, 'What movie should I watch?' I go, 'Watch this one.' 'What's the Wolverine?' I go, 'That's Wolverine.' And I won't tell you now, but if someone asks what X-Men movie will I watch, maybe this one."

Hugh added he had seen himself change over the time he has played Wolverine.

He said: "This character is very much the foundation, the spine of my career, so I can easily see how I've changed. I'd say I'm more confident - I was very much an actor based in the theatre when I got the job and I'd done some TV and film but I was more comfortable on the stage and I think that's equalled out for me as much, I've been lucky enough to have a number of shots at being in films...

"Probably my appreciation for the character has grown. And that thing where, you know, there's a day when you're not going to be playing it, and that becomes clearer to you. I've been doing it for 14 years, so of course at some point I'm going to have to pass it on, so I guard it more jealously, I appreciate it more."

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is due out on May 22.

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