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Jack Whitehall reveals Anne Boleyn costume drama


Jack Whitehall attended The Bad Education Movie premiere.

Jack Whitehall attended The Bad Education Movie premiere.

Jack Whitehall attended The Bad Education Movie premiere.

Jack Whitehall has revealed his most traumatic school trip involved enforced Tudor cross-dressing.

Speaking at the premiere of his latest film, The Bad Education Movie, the comedy writer and actor said his worst ever class trip was to Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace.

"I went to Hampton Court and they had traditional Tudor clothing: a male costume and a female costume. I went to an all-boys school, and I was made to dress as Anne Boleyn, aged 12, in front of all of my friends," he admitted.

"It was very traumatic. But I think this made me the man that I am today. It says a lot."

The Bad Education Movie, a big-screen adaptation of the BBC comedy series, tells the story of what happens when teacher Alfie Wickers (Whitehall) takes his students on one final "bat-s*** mental" class trip to celebrate the end of their GCSEs.

Class K travels to Cornwall, where things rapidly descend into chaos and farce - including one incident involving a swan and Whitehall's genitals, and another ending in an epic sword fight.

Inbetweeners actor Joe Thomas, who starred with Whitehall in Fresh Meat, looked back on his own school trips and the dreaded assignments: "Even now whenever I go to the theatre or something I can't enjoy it, because I think at the end I'm going to have to write an essay about it afterwards.

"My brother's class went on another trip to a dump, but it was actually really good because they got to see a car being pulverised, so that was actually a really good trip. So you go to a tip: good - but theatres: bad."

Sarah Solemani, who reprises her role as Rosie Gulliver, said her worst trip "would have to be a German exchange that we were promised to go on. We got to the airport, and the school in Germany had cancelled - and we all had to go home."

Meanwhile, comedian Adam Hills admitted: "The worst school trip I ever went on was the one where I cried I think as soon as the bus left, because it was the first time I'd been away from my parents.

"My mum's my date, so clearly I still have some kind of separation anxiety going on."

With the premiere taking place on GCSE results day, Whitehall spent the morning dishing out results to pupils at Castle Vale school in Birmingham, handing them sealed envelopes containing their grades.

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"It was basically trying to avert car crash television," the 27-year-old joked. "No one had prepped me and said that they'd found out what the results were. So there was a lot of consoling going on, as well as a lot of celebrating."

:: The Bad Education Movie is released on Friday August 21.

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