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Iwan Rheon: Misfits the movie?


Iwan Rheon is keen to be a part of Misfits: The Movie

Iwan Rheon is keen to be a part of Misfits: The Movie

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Iwan Rheon is keen to be a part of Misfits: The Movie

Iwan Rheon has hinted that a Misfits movie is likely to be on the cards.

The actor who played Simon Bellamy in the E4 series from 2009 to 2011 told Digital Spy he'd love to return to the part.

He said: "I think I'd be an idiot not to [do it]. I think it'd be a really fun thing to go back and revisit, because obviously I feel so much love for Misfits and gratitude to them and how they gave me such a huge opportunity and gave me a lot of really challenging stuff to do while I was there. So yeah, if I get the opportunity, I'd love to."

Misfits was a fantasy programme that ran for five series, about a group of young offenders on community service who were struck by lightning and developed super powers.

Iwan left the programme in 2011 and says he would like the chance to develop his character Simon more.

He said: "In a way, I do still feel like it never really got finished. I thought the Simon storyline in the third series was quite rushed and you didn't really get to see enough of it, for various reasons."

Misfits creator Howard Overman recently revealed he is writing a film script for the programme: "I've written the first draft of the script and we'll see what happens. If it happens, it will involve past and present characters, I'm not allowed to give away anything more than that."

Iwan believes the film could well come together, telling Digital Spy: "I think it's quite likely that it will happen, yeah, if they can get everyone together to do it."

He also revealed there were some benefits to leaving the show before it finished: "It's very weird watching it and being like, 'Why am I not in this?'. But yeah, it was quite nice to watch it and not have the worry of me being in it! So it was nice."

Iwan appears in the Sir Ian McKellan sitcom Vicious which begins on ITV on Monday, April 29 at 9pm.

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