Irish fantasy role raises Saoirse's elf esteem

She is currently number one in the US box office playing teenage assassin Hannah.

But could Saoirse Ronan's next film role be as a sarky elf with pointy ears?

The part in question is Captain Holly Short from Irish teen fantasy novel Artemis Fowl.

Back in February The Diary revealed that Saoirse was having meetings with director Jim Sheridan about a movie.

Now we can reveal Jim's next movie project is a film script of Artemis Fowl, which he has co-written with the book's author Eoin Colfer.

A live action movie, this week author Eoin Colfer has revealed he wants Saoirse to play the role of Captain Holly Short, the first female elf of the highly elite LEPrecon division, kidnapped by Artemis Fowl in the first book of the series.

However the project has been bogged down of late with Hollywood producers unsure of the format of the movie.

"Jim is in LA, trying to get it unblocked," Eoin Colfer said this week.

We think a deal will be done soon, especially as the three companies behind the movie, Miramax, Disney and Tribeca Film, bought the film rights from the Wexford writer before his first book had even come out in 2001.