Sunday 15 December 2019

Howard: I like being out of depth

Ron Howard made his first music documentary with Made In America
Ron Howard made his first music documentary with Made In America

Ron Howard has revealed he enjoys being out of his comfort zone.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who got to attend his first music festival when he shot the documentary Made In America, admitted he relishes being out of his depth.

"That was my first festival. That's why I like this business - I'm not a very adventurous person until someone puts a camera in my hand," he said.

"It gives me a job to do, whether it's being weightless for Apollo 13 or underwater for Splash or Cocoon or out in the ocean in 25-foot vessels in In The Heart Of The Sea, the movie I just finished shooting."

Ron revealed that recreating the whale In The Heart Of The Sea, in which he reunited with Rush star Chris Hemsworth, was the most challenging part of the shoot.

The drama, which is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's 2000 book of the same name, about the sinking of the whaleship Essex, also stars Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson and Ben Whishaw and will be released in 2015.

"I think it's a very powerful, emotional adventure story and a survival story. It offers some really strong performances," he said. "Thematically, it's been incredibly challenging trying to recreate that time, that world and most of all, the whale."

:: Made In America is available on iTunes and DVD now.

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