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Highs, lows and hits of Soundsystem

shut up and play the hits

(15A, limited release, 108 minutes)

Director: Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern Stars: James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Gunnar Bjerk


In April of last year, acclaimed US band LCD Soundsystem bowed out dramatically with an emotional farewell gig at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

A dance-punk outfit with a relatively small but devoted following, LCD Soundsystem blended influences like David Bowie, Talking Heads and Daft Punk with the pithy lyrics of their charismatic frontman James Murphy, and this enjoyable documentary from Ryan Tomayko captures the band's final moments.

Framed by an interview with Murphy by a rather earnest New York music journalist, Shut Up and Play the Hits flits between concert footage and glimpses of the singer at home before and after the final gig.

That gig looks like it was a pretty special one, tinged with warmth and sadness.

Sometimes LCD's music is overwhelmed by its influences, but overall they were a special, wonderful band, and Murphy, who talks ambivalently about retirement, seems to simultaneously love and hate the limelight.

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