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Hiddleston always wanted to be bad


Tom Hiddleston is a fan of film villains

Tom Hiddleston is a fan of film villains

Tom Hiddleston is a fan of film villains

Tom Hiddleston has revealed he grew up siding with the bad guys, not the heroes.

The War Horse star is set to reprise his role as Thor's arch enemy Loki in marvel comic blockbuster The Avengers and admitted he has always wanted to be a villain.

Tom said: "I grew up watching the bad guys.

"The best characters in Tim Burton's Batman and Die Hard are Jack Nicholson's Joker and Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber, so this year's a fulfilment of a long-held dream where I get to be the ultimate baddie in a big blockbuster. That's cool! I'm aware of the privilege of being in that position.

"Having said that, there was a day over the summer when my friend texted me inviting me to a barbecue. My response was, 'Just being the world's most evil super-villain. Joss Whedon wants me to be really feral and really dark, so I won't be able to make your barbecue, sorry'.

"I didn't have much of a summer but I had a really good time."

But Tom plays a First World War hero in Steven Spielberg's War Horse and earned a new appreciation for horses.

He revealed: "All through the film, I noticed that whatever I was feeling, the horses would reflect back to me. They sense fear, arrogance, and they can sense a kind of inner peace."

:: War Horse opens in cinemas on Friday, January 13.

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