Wednesday 13 November 2019

Helen Lederer tightens belt for Absolutely Fabulous movie role

Helen Lederer is among the cast for Absolutely Fabulous
Helen Lederer is among the cast for Absolutely Fabulous

Comedienne Helen Lederer has revealed she is on a strict diet before she starts filming her scenes for the Absolutely Fabulous movie next month.

Lederer is set to reprise her role as Catriona, Patsy Stone's magazine colleague, in the big screen adaptation.

She said: "I am very thrilled to be invited to join all the greats on Ab Fab or otherwise knows as the Js (Jennifer, Joanna, Jane, June and Julia).

"Time has passed since we were all together, bits of me have since dropped or expanded but as yet not shrunk, I'm looking forward to getting into my costume and pray it does up!

"Most of all I'm looking forward to the laughs I know we will have! We all go back and share an exciting time from the 80s and this is a special area to have in common. I love them all and I love Joanna who was very kind about my book Losing It, I hope I won't lose it on set - can't wait!"

She has also been working on a follow-up novel to her debut novel, Losing It, titled Having It.

Ab Fab stalwarts Jennifer Saunders (who plays Edina) and Joanna Lumley (who plays Patsy) will be teaming up again to bring the TV series to the big screen.

Saunders revealed recently on ITVs Loose Women that all of the main characters would be returning.

She also spoke about filming, saying: " We're in London and we might go to the South of France. I'm hoping we go to the South of France... I'm waiting for the budget."

Reports say the movie sees Patsy and Edina fleeing to the French Riviera after they are blamed for an incident at a fashion party in London.

:: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is due for release in 2016

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